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Lunedi 26. aprile 2010



Mail sendt til Archivio Storico:




I have been told, that I could send you the VIN-number on my Spider, and that you then would be able to tell me the story of this fabulous vehicle?


The number is AK1842311 and it should be an Alfa Romeo Spider 1300 Junior from 1972!


I look very much forward to hearing from you, as the car is almost complete after 2½ years of restauration, and soon will be back on the roads J



Med venlig hilsen / Best regards



Jacob Bengtsson

Sales Manager and Valuater


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Mail modtaget retur fra Archivio Storico:


Dear Mister Bengtsson,


with reference to your request we are informing you as follows.


According to our documentation files, the chassis number AR 1842311 originally corresponds to an Alfa Romeo Spider 1300 (105.91), manufactured on the 30th June 1972 and sold on the 8th July 1972 in Livorno, Italy.

The body colour is white, with black tex interiors.


Yours, Sincerely,



          Marco Fazio


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